From Managing Director's Desk

Greetings! A warm welcome to you on behalf of Team Verdant.

It Louis Georgeis always our pleasure to receive visitors to our website. We certainly have come a long way from being a workshop to our current status as a technically adept and professionally managed company. The journey has not been without its toil and obstacles. But we at Verdant regard every obstacle in our path as a challenge to our own capabilities and an experience in a perpetual learning process.

Our relationships with our clients, vendors and the community are of utmost importance to us. Our team provides the enthusiasm and hard work required to deliver exceptional products and value to our clients. Verdant is built on the commitment and dedication of our team.

The next few years will be truly exciting for us. We have long aspired to address the international market and we are now well-placed to achieve that target, having put in place a scalable system. We have embarked upon a market expansion plan, driven by the growth potential in the domestic aerospace sector and the vast opportunities that exist globally.

Moving forward, we are confident that our strong growth will continue as we consistently enhance our capabilities to provide quality antennas and radomes. This can be achieved through our culture of innovation in technology and our strong commitment to high quality, timely product delivery and a working enviornment that is healthy and safe.


Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to serving you in the future.

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