Blade antennas are generally available in frequency range from VHF-band to UHF-band including L-band, S-band and C-band. This category includes communication antennas, Navigation antennas like DF antenna, TACAN antennas and IFF antennas. Verdant is a leading design and manufacturer of airborne antennas, has a series of blade antennas. With its combined strength of RF and composite technology, Verdant is able to offer you various types of blade antennas including trapezoidal antennas, raked antennas, top loaded antennas, notch antennas and stub antennas. These categories of antennas are generally monopole antennas as well as dipole antennas. Verdant offers cost effective customisation of existing antennas as well as new design and very light weight antennas. Verdant one among the leading manufacturers of airborne antennas also offers terrestrial antenna, track wheel antennas, shipboard antennas etc.

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